Recovering from Injury/Concussion

Injuries are an unavoidable aspect of athletics. Most serious athletes have become injured at one point or another. With injury comes the very difficult and mentally challenging task of sitting out of your sport until recovery. Watching from the sidelines while you are injured is mentally and physically challenging, but with some guidance athletes can return to their sport even better than they were prior to their injury.

Concussions pose an even more difficult challenge for athletes because the injury is not visible to others. When people cannot see that you are injured they may put pressure on you to return to your sport before you are ready. On some days you may feel good and be tempted to push yourself harder than you should. A concussion is unlike other injuries for athletes in that you cannot push yourself until a doctor authorizes you to do so. Challenges in school may pop up due to your concussion. It is possible that teachers too push you to work harder than you are able. Champion’s Mentality understands and we can guide you toward more positive journey through concussion management. To learn more about what athletes may be dealing with during concussion recovery visit or contact Coach Snow: