Coaching isn’t a career, it is a lifestyle, a state of being. True coaches are always in their coaching mind wether they express it outwardly or not. Coaches face many challenges on a daily basis from program management, parents, personal issues of players, adminsitration, budgets, staff, and much more. Not all challenges are negative ones, but all can be stressful and emotional. Wearing a game face as a coach is noble, but also can be limiting. Coaching is rewarding, but also stressful and Champion’s Mentality Consulting is here to help coaches navigate the waterways. Whether choppy, smooth sailing, cutting the waters at warp speed, or sinking, good coaches need to stay in the game and we want to help you do just that. Stay healthy, happy, and keep all the good and bad that comes with coaching in proper perspective. Contact Champions Mentality if you feel you need to work through something, improve your current coaching game face, or navigate through a tricky situation. All great coaches need an ear, advice, and to be the best constant tools for improvement.